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How can we, as a society, counteract contagion effect when it comes to shootings and other acts of violence?

We need to stop sensationalizing the perpetrators of violence and instead focus on the heroes, rescuers, responders, and victims. This shift in focus will help counteract the contagion effect by taking away the attention and recognition that violent individuals seek.
Transcript: "So trying to counteract the contagion effect is a really kind of a challenging thing, especially in today's society with the rapid access to news media because of the internet and other forms of information transmission. We're never going to really completely be able to counteract its effect. But one of the biggest things that as a society we need to stop doing is we need to stop trying to sensationalize the perpetrators of these acts of violence. That continued focus and obsession is only what fuels the individuals that may be seeking to do harm in the future. We're providing notoriety, which in many cases is what a lot of these people are after. They feel as though that they're invisible and they want to do something to gain recognition and become infamous. And by focusing so much attention on them, we're just validating that opinion. So we need to make a shift away from sensationalizing the perpetrators of these acts of violence and instead focus on the heroes of the event, the rescuers, the responders, and especially the victims of these. And let's tell their stories instead of the stories of the suspects."