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Do you need to tailor your trainings based on what country or region a client is from?

Yes and no. Training can be universal in some areas, such as instructor development, leadership, and the science of learning, but it has to be tailored when dealing with the minutiae of law that varies from country to country or region to region.
Transcript: "Do we need to tailor training depending on what country or region somebody's from? The answer is both yes and no. Easy example would be if it's something that is universal, like say we're talking about instructor development, that we're talking about learning, we're talking about leadership. Those fundamental principles can be taught in the United States, in Canada, in Australia, in China, it doesn't matter. We can teach them anywhere because the science of learning doesn't change. There is a lot of the stuff that we do right now, we're drawing information and resources from all over the world and sharing it with people here because the pedagogical approach, the science-based component of adult learning is really brought in from multiple venues, not just within law enforcement, military. That's an example of everything that we teach within that can be almost universally applied. The inverse of that is when we're talking about things like law. Law is a great example of that can be broken down so into the minutiae of I live in a county that steps away from another county and things can be drastically different. So you have to be very acutely aware of where you are and what you're sharing because if we share the wrong thing, it could be very detrimental not just to officers but to the community as a whole. So yes and no, but thanks for the question."