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What are the best kind of pants to wear rock climbing?

I'm looking for a technical pant that is nylon, windproof, abrasion-resistant, with a reinforced knee and ankle area, a belt with a buckle, and one pocket over the thigh.
Transcript: "The best pants for rock climbing. It all. Depends on what you want to do, my friend, I want Mobility. So I want to be able to move and move freely without restriction. I want durability. So typically, that's probably going to be a nylon style, or of pant rather than a cotton blend. I want windproof nasai. Want it to be very abrasive resistant so I'm usually looking for a technical pant. That's got a little reinforcement in the knees and around the The ankles sometimes a little drawstring at the bottom of the pan to keep the wind out. I want it to have a waist area that is not a tight little string. I'd rather have a smaller belt with a small Buckle to go ahead and hold my pants up. Usually I'd like a one pocket over the thigh to hold anything while I'm on Route. So something that's durable flexible and it has a nice pocket."