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How has Scotland shaped your climbing style?

Scotland's traditional climbing style has helped me to become a better climber by teaching me how to spot less obvious gear placements, deal with fear and anxiety when on climbs, and build up my endurance.
Transcript: "How is Scotland to shaped your climbing style? Well, as most climbers know, the place really started climbing, often has a big effect on how they claim the table. Climber, they become for me, I actually started climbing, indoor climbing wall in Edinburgh, that is very long. So in my early years, I had phenomenal endurance from training at that wall. But from many, many years of climbing hard ditional, Being in Scotland. I've definitely developed a good understanding for how to deal with fear manage anxiety when I'm in particularly scary scenarios Scottish climbing. Is mostly traditional climbing protected by small wires little brass. He's an ally offsets and friends and cams as well. And quite often the traditional gear we use. Isn't that obvious? It's not following an obvious feature like a crack so you really have to be pretty good at, figuring it out and hanging a long time on there, fiddling in the gear and making it seem as possible. So I think that yeah Scottish climbing has definitely allowed me to spot less obvious gear, placements deal with fear and anxiety went on climbs and I think just give me four more enduring physical ability to perhaps climbers. Us who don't climb on rock. That is I don't know, anywhere near as endurance orientated."