What are the neurological benefits of neurovisual training for spine health?

New official training refers to eye movement training, which helps improve the efficiency of eye movements and coordination. This can lead to improved spinal health, as it allows for faster processing of visual information and a quicker response time to prevent injuries such as concussion.
Transcript: "Neurovisual training refers to a technique of using classic optometric type exercises or eye movement training. These focus on using the ocular motor muscles in a way to improve efficiency of eye movements, accuracy of eye movements, and coordination of eye movements. The reason that this may be beneficial to spinal health if you could make a direct connection is that the eyes are, or perception rather, is the speed with which the brain can process visual information coming in and then produce an appropriate reaction. So the faster you can process information coming into the brain, the more efficient it is, the more quickly you can produce an appropriate response. So for example, it might be head up in hockey, it might be avoiding a tackle in football. So those would be some of the benefits of neurovisual training and we particularly use it for concussion risk minimization."