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What are the most effective rehabilitation techniques for spine health?

The most effective rehabilitation technique is the right one for the individual, as spinal injuries can range from localized irritation to a radiculopathy or disc issue. We take into account the physical and psychosocial components of the injury to create a well-rounded approach that focuses on getting the individual moving well and back to their daily activities.
Transcript: "There are many different approaches to rehabilitation and the easy answer to give would be the most effective rehab technique is the right rehab technique for the individual that presents. And the reason for that is that spinal injuries can represent a broad spectrum of effects. It can be something very localized, an irritated segment to a radiculopathy where a spinal nerve is affected and can be particularly troublesome and complicated. It could be a disc issue. The individual may have certain movement tolerances or intolerances. So we take all of that into account as well as consider the psychosocial components of the injury as in loss of ability to perform daily activities, loss of ability to participate in sport and try to take a very well-rounded approach. But the key is to get the individual moving well and moving often."