What are the benefits of integrated medical practice for athletes and veterans with TBI?

TBI, especially the second, third, and fourth instances of it, are complex due to the metabolic cascade that can occur after a brain injury, which can affect any part of the brain. This means that some treatments may fall outside of what I as a musculoskeletal practitioner can do, so it is important to have a neurologist or nurse practitioner on staff to help with medical needs and psychometric effects.
Transcript: "Because TBI, particularly second, third, fourth instance of traumatic brain injury, are such a complicated condition, in part because of the metabolic cascade which can occur after a brain injury, and the effect that can have the brain tissue is that it can affect any part of the brain, which means that whichever part of the brain or whichever part of function is given over to that area of the brain can be impeded or interfered with. And for that reason, some of those things will fall outside of the scope of what I can do as a musculoskeletal practitioner. And it's useful to have a neurologist, for example, on staff to get the appropriate conditions ruled in and out. It's important to have a nurse practitioner, family practitioner, and staff to assist with some of the other medical needs of these individuals, particularly the psychometric effects of TBI."