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How many injuries have you seen from someone trying to administer adjustments to friends or family without professional supervision?

People who try to deliver healthcare services to themselves when those services involve significant knowledge and skill sets are risking their health and the health of others. Attempts at self-treatment can lead to serious injuries, including strokes. Itโ€™s best to seek professional help instead.
Transcript: "So people who try to deliver Healthcare Services to themselves, when those Healthcare Services involve significant knowledge and skill sets for which we go to school and pay a lot of money to learn. I really risking the health of themselves or others. People have had a number of people who've hurt themselves pretty dramatically. By trying to treat themselves or their friends. And I'm not quite sure what they're trying to save at the risk of hurting themselves and some of these these injuries you know maybe it's something minor like some temporary back pain but I've had people significant bruising from trying to treat themselves with soft tissue treatments. I had one person who tried manipulating his own neck and had a stroke. You name it I've seen a lot of weird things so you know unlike making just don't do it."