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How can spine health be improved through blood flow restriction training?

Flow Restriction Training is mainly focused on hypertrophy, which can increase an athlete's strength and resilience, as well as decrease the amount of weight used in exercises to reduce strain on the spine.
Transcript: "Blood flow restriction training is predominantly actually focused on hypertrophy, which is increasing the cross-sectional area of a muscle, and as a consequence of that should be a concomitant increase in strength and perhaps also strength endurance, depending upon the type of exercise that we're doing. The protocols don't specifically imbue additional strength or resilience or spinal health per se, however, a stronger athlete is going to be more resilient and they're going to be more capable of resisting the types of forces that are going to be placed through the body. In addition, we can also mitigate overload. So for example, when we use blood flow restriction training, we can decrease the amount of weight to get the same hypertrophy effect, which means that for example, on a back squat, the type of load or compression on the spine, the forces may be less. So it would be protective rather than preventative."